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Before and After Pictures from Wheeling
Wheeling WV Crawl Space Encapsulation

Wheeling WV Crawl Space Encapsulation

Before After
Wheeling WV Crawl Space Encapsulation Wheeling WV Crawl Space Encapsulation

This single family home in Wheeling, WV has a crawl space under the entire span of the home. When our team began the job, the crawl space was vented and had a dirt floor creating humidity and mold issues as well as uncomfortable temperatures in the living space above.

Our Home Environment Solutions team went in and insulated the walls, installed vent covers and encapsulated the entire crawl space.

This family now has comfortable temperatures in their living spaces and humidity levels that do not promote mold growth, creating a healthier, safer home.

Wheeling WV Crawl Space Insulation and Encapsulation

Wheeling WV Crawl Space Insulation and Encapsulation

Before After
Wheeling WV Crawl Space Insulation and Encapsulation Wheeling WV Crawl Space Insulation and Encapsulation

This Wheeling, WV homeowner was in desperate need of new insulation in their crawl space under their home. As you can see in the picture, the old insulation was falling to the ground, creating quite the mess and affecting the air in the home, as well as their energy bills. They gave us a call at Home Environment Solutions, and we were happy to get right to work!

After a free energy evaluation with our Home Comfort Specialist, Mark Orecchio, this family knew that replacing their old insulation was the best solution to their problem. Mike Y. and his crew came out to get the job done! Using SilverGlo Wall Insulation they insulated the crawl space wall.  Next, using CleanSpace Lining they cover the dirt floor, this will give the homeowner a moisture barrier. This will cut energy costs, and prevent high humidity in the crawl space. 

This family was more than satisfied they have new, effective insulation in their crawl space, lower energy bills and clean storage.  We were happy to help them do so! Call us TODAY for your free energy evaluation.

Wheeling WV Crawlspace Insulated

Wheeling WV Crawlspace Insulated

Before After
Wheeling WV Crawlspace Insulated Wheeling WV Crawlspace Insulated

Wheeling, WV homeowner Amy L. built her home with a crawlspace underneath it.  Crawlspaces are a common method builders use to hide electrical and HVAC work.  Crawlspace science has changed considerable over the years.  Crawlspaces are normally known as dark, damp, and smelly places under a home.  This is because outdated building codes permitted crawlspaces to be ventilated.  We know today that this isn't the ideal solution.  We close the vents and insulate the walls using SilverGlo wall insulation. Then we prevent moisture from seeping up through the ground using are CleanSpace liner to line your crawlspace.  

Company Awards
Humanity Award
Rotary Serving Humanity Presented to Mark Orecchio 7530 All-Star July 2016... [Read more]
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Wheeling, Attic/Basement Mold Removal & Home Energy Audit Experts

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Happy Customers Surrounding Wheeling, WV
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Reviews From Wheeling
Testimonials From Wheeling
Just wanted to let you know how cozy our house is after your work in the attic.
Testimonial by Dave G. from Wheeling, WV

Home Insulation, Mold Testing and Remediation in Wheeling, West Virginia

Home Environment Solutions offers total mold testing, remediation, and removal services in Wheeling and the nearby areas. Our experts will detect any mold in your home and solve the problem to keep your home clean and safe. In addition to our mold services, we offer home energy audits, home insulation, duct sealing, and more.

Home Environment Solutions has been serving Wheeling and local areas for over 20 years. We have the experience needed to bring you the best service at a reasonable price. We strive to maintain the highest standards of professionalism and customer service and ensure that your home is clean, safe, and enjoyable.

Services Provided in Wheeling, West Virginia

  • Complete Home Energy Audit
  • Foam Insulation
  • Cellulose Blown-In Insulation
  • Duct Sealing
  • Mold Testing
  • Mold Remediation/Removal
  • And Much More

Call us for a free estimate today!

Job Stories From Wheeling, WV
Wheeling, WV Basement Mold

Mary Ann is a repeat customer of ours.  She called us a couple years ago to insulate her attic and kept our number in case she ever needed us again.  Little did she know she would.  Her unfinished basement and garage is used for storage.  She moved some items around and found spots on her block wall and on the drywall.

Russ, our mold expert was happy to see her again and help her with her new issue.  His evaluation discovered she had extremely high humidity in her basement.  He suggested the following and our production team went to work....

We cut and removed the drywall and use a solution to treat the 2x4's to get rid of all of the mold.  Then installed CleanSpace and trim around the glass block windows with white PVC wall capping.  Finally, we installed a Sanidry Sedona with stand in the basement to handle any future humidity issues she had.

Mary Ann was once again pleased with our work and referred two of her friends to use us for their mold needs as well.

Wheeling, WV Basement Mold - Photo 1Wheeling, WV Basement Mold - Photo 2Wheeling, WV Basement Mold - Photo 3
Wheeling, WV Attic Mold/Improperly installed insulation

The home owners discovered severe mold in the attic of their home and were referred to Home Environment Solutions by somebody in their church who had used us in the past with good results. 

Mark came to inspect the attic and diagnose the problem.  He has multiple certifications in mold removal, indoor air quality, building science and has been a general contractor for thirty years. 

During the inspection Mark found fiberglass insulation that had been improperly installed.  In addition many air leaks from the living space to the attic were found.  He proposed a solution to fix their problems once and for all.

The first part of the project was to remove all of the mold.  The crew removed all of the old fiberglass insulation and discarded it.  Home Environment Solutions has a team of Certified Mold Re-mediators who are trained to properly remediate attic mold.

After the attic mold removal the entire attic was air sealed.  Next they installed TruSoft PVC soffit baffle system along the perimeter of the soffit for proper ventilation and to prevent insulation from migrating into the soffit. This product meets new EnergyStar requirement.  Last the team blew in TruSoft Cellulose Insulation to R60. 

The homes attic was mold free and with all of the underlying problems fixed it is fixed once and for all.  The home owners said that the home is much warmer in the winter and for the first time ever they are able to keep it cool in the summer. 


Check out our Before and After photos for more!

Wheeling, WV Attic Mold/Improperly installed insulation - Photo 1Wheeling, WV Attic Mold/Improperly installed insulation - Photo 2Wheeling, WV Attic Mold/Improperly installed insulation - Photo 3Wheeling, WV Attic Mold/Improperly installed insulation - Photo 4
Wheeling, WV Crawlspace Transformation

Kathy in Wheeling WV had lived in her home for 30 years.  She wanted to update her home due to having some comfort issues on the main living area of her home.  Also, after so many years, she had outgrown her home with memories, decorations, and other items.

As you can see in the pictures, instead of storing falling insulation, broken doors, and ripped thin plastic, she now has a nice clean area to store all of her items.  Also, the comfort of her main floor in no longer cold where the insulation was missing.

Check out more photos in our Before and After section.  

Wheeling, WV Crawlspace Transformation - Photo 1
Wheeling, WV Crawlspace from dirt to storage

Chris had a very large crawlspace that was a dirt floor and unusable.  It is a newer home and he wanted to make sure he did everything he could do to maintain the health and comfort of his home.  He was referred to Home Environment Solutions through a friend and called us for a free evaluation.

When Specialist, Mark, went to evaluate the home, he found out that Chris also had issues with cold floors in his main living space.  It was recommended that Chris encapsulate his crawlspace to give him the comfort he was looking for and to also reduce the chances of mold growing in the area.

The production team quickly got to work encapsulating the floors, putting SilverGlo on the walls, and sealing any gaps with spray foam.  The end result gave Chris much warmer floors in the living area, and also a clean and usable storage space which ended up being bonus!

Wheeling, WV Crawlspace from dirt to storage - Photo 1Wheeling, WV Crawlspace from dirt to storage - Photo 2
Wheeling, WV Home with Old Insulation

Neven did a search through Home Advisor looking for a contractor to help him make his in-laws home more comfortable.  They could not use the upstairs because it was uncomfortable year round.  He said he was going to have many contractors view the property because he didn't have much experience with insulation or attics.  After having three different evaluations done on the home, he decided to hire Home Environment Solutions because we were knowledgeable, honest, and he felt that our process was explained better and made more sense than the others.

Zach, Cameron, and Derrick were there for two days.  They started by removing all of the old, torn, batted insulation out of the attic so it was prepared for the new, fresh, and clean insulation.  They installed a David Lewis attic pull down hatch cover and provided insulation and air seal of the hatch.  The cover is made with 4" SilverGlo EPS foam board insulation.  Next, they reduced the air and heat leakage through the kitchen soffit, and constructed an air tight cap over the top of open soffit and seal with Zypfoam.  Finally they air sealed and insulated ethe attic assembly sealing all accessible penetrations and top plates with expanding ZypFoam and then Blew in the brand new cellulose insulation.

Neven said he had never seen the attic so clean and was very impressed that it only took two days to do all of the work.  His mom Kathy was very happy to finally be able to use her whole house all year long.

Wheeling, WV Home with Old Insulation - Photo 1Wheeling, WV Home with Old Insulation - Photo 2Wheeling, WV Home with Old Insulation - Photo 3
Work Requests From Wheeling, WV
Vicinity of Eoff Street in Wheeling
Water damage to walls in apartment building. Concerned about mold
Vicinity of Lee Dr in Wheeling
Would like an estimate for cellulose in the attic, ~900 Sq. Ft. home
Vicinity of Oakland Avenue in Wheeling
Hi, I need insulation my home's attic. I live in a two story home and the upstairs gets very hot in the summer/cold in the winter. Wondering what the cost estimate is for this? Thank you, Jessica
Vicinity of Greenbriar Lane in Wheeling
About a year ago our basement flooded. We had to tear everything out of our entire downstairs. Because of the situation that caused the water damage, it wasn't covered by insurance, so we had to wait to do something about it. Once we got all of the flooring pulled up, we noticed black mold on all of our baseboards. We have also had issues with our bathroom upstairs leaking through the roof into the basement and suspect there may be mold in that part of the ceiling as well. I'm worried it's starting to affect our health.
Vicinity of South Park St in Wheeling
Seller had a mold report completed by SDI and would like to have a quote to have the mold removed before Listing the house for sale.
Vicinity of Peters Run Rd in Wheeling
Attic insulation
Vicinity of Holly Rd in Wheeling
I need an attic insulation estimate.
Vicinity of Clearview Ave in Wheeling
My hot water tank needs insulated and so does the ceiling in the basement. I think the walls all need it also. But we would like a professional opinion.
Vicinity of Lee Drive in Wheeling
My insulation isn't not the. Best. I'm to big to get in our attic and install insulation.
Vicinity of Aaron Woods Ct in Wheeling
Insulation quote for attic space above garage. Apox. 500-600 sq feet.
Vicinity of Briarwood Drive in Wheeling
Crawl space insulation for sure and possibly add to attic.
Vicinity of Snedeker Road in Wheeling
And we just noticed our house is on your website! That's us, the first photos on your "before and after"! You did an awesome job! Just need some advice about how to get rid of this odor!
Vicinity of Snedeker Road in Wheeling
Hi! We bought this house last November. Ever since we moved in, there was an odor that seems to come up from the crawl space. We saw that your company did the crawlspace work in this house but can't find an invoice that tells us when the work was done. We have a dehumidifier constantly running and draining. The smell is a musty odor that's going throughout the house. Do you have any suggestions? Thank you so much!
Vicinity of Queen Avenue in Wheeling
Need floors of kitchen insulated in crawl space under house
Vicinity of Valley View Avenue in Wheeling
In the process of buying a house and needed to get an estimate on mold removal from the basement. I prefer to be contacted via email
Vicinity of Sherwood Ave in Wheeling
The conditions of our home have already caused illness and I'm afraid they will become worse if they are not addressed.
Vicinity of Sherwood Ave in Wheeling
I haven't seen black mold as bad as we have it in our home anywhere on the internet. It has caused family members to become ill and has spread throughout the home.
Vicinity of NATIONAL RD in Wheeling
I think i may have a mold / leak problem in my bathroom
Vicinity of Crestview Drive in Wheeling
Basement insulation estimate
Vicinity of Elm Crest Dr in Wheeling
Renters have been sick...dr. wanted to have basement tested for mold.

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