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Before and After Pictures from Allegheny County
Bethel Park PA Clean Attic Storage and New Insulation

Bethel Park PA Clean Attic Storage and New Insulation

Before After
Bethel Park PA Clean Attic Storage and New Insulation Bethel Park PA Clean Attic Storage and New Insulation

High energy bills and a need for clean storage lead this Bethel Park, PA customer to Home Environment Solutions.  After doing a free full home energy audit, HES discovered insufficient and deteriorating fiberglass insulation in the attic.  This is no surprise,  the North American Insulation Manufacturer Association (NAIMA) says that 90% of all single family homes are under insulated.  

HES cleaned out the old deteriorating insulation, air sealed, and insulated using Tru-Soft Cellulose Insulation. Particle board was used to dam the insulation and create clean storage for this customer.  

Not only can the customer store all of their belongings safely, but they will be saving on their energy bills, too!


Pittsburgh PA Replacing Dirty Attic Insulation

Pittsburgh PA Replacing Dirty Attic Insulation

Before After
Pittsburgh PA Replacing Dirty Attic Insulation Pittsburgh PA Replacing Dirty Attic Insulation

This Pittsburgh, PA home owner had a dust problem in her home along with cold rooms and high energy bills. Insufficient insulation allows dust to seep into your home from many different places. Home Environment Solutions removed all of this home owners old dirty insulation and air sealed all there air penetration points.  Air sealing is as important as the insulation itself.  This is what separates Home Environment Solutions from its competitors. Are competitors blow on top of old insulation.  After the air sealing was completed we blew 17" of Tru-Soft Cellulose insulation into this home owners attic.  

No more dust problems, no more cold rooms, and no more high energy bills.  Home Environment Solutions Creating Healthy, Comfortable, Efficient Homes! 

Pittsburgh PA Crawl Space Encapsulation

Pittsburgh PA Crawl Space Encapsulation

Before After
Pittsburgh PA Crawl Space Encapsulation Pittsburgh PA Crawl Space Encapsulation

This Pittsburgh, PA customer was experiencing cold and drafty rooms directly above his crawl space.  His fiberglass bats had soaked up moisture and were failing to adequately insulate his home. Our production team closed this customers crawlspace vents, insulated, and encapsulated using our SilverGlo insulation board and CleanSpace liner.  

Company Awards
Humanity Award
Rotary Serving Humanity Presented to Mark Orecchio 7530 All-Star July 2016... [Read more]
More Awards

Allegheny, PA Attic & Crawl Space Insulation

No more pockets of drafty air in certain rooms.  No more temperature differences on all floors of the house.     ...
Happy Customers Surrounding Allegheny County, PA
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Reviews From Allegheny County
Testimonials From Allegheny County
We continue to be amazed in South Park PA!
Testimonial by Nolan D. from South Park, PA
Zach, Brandon, and Cam were exceptional! I am beyond pleased with the work they did for me, their knowledge and professionalism, and especially their kindness...
Testimonial by Jennifer T. from Pittsburgh, PA

Home Energy Saving Services You Can Trust in Allegheny, PA 

Home Environment Solutions provides expert insulation, mold removal, and air sealing services to homeowners in Allegheny and the surrounding areas. We offer our customers only the highest quality insulation products and solutions to maximize your home's efficiency and keep your energy bills down. In addition to insulation, we service all your mold remediation and removal needs, and much more.

For over 20 years, Home Environment Solutions has been Allegheny’s home insulation, mold, and energy savings experts. We are fully certified and bring you the best service at a reasonable price. We strive to maintain the highest standards of professionalism and customer service and ensure that your home stays comfortable and dry all year round.

Allegheny, PA's Trusted Insulation Solutions Contractor 

When it comes to creating a more comfortable environment in your home, turn to the home insulation specialist at Home Environment Solutions for all your needs. With more than 20 years of experience, you can trust that we will do the job right the first time.  

We offer a wide variety of home insulation services based on the area of your home that is in need of improvement. We can insulate any and all parts of your home to ensure that your home's overall comfort increases while helping your energy bills go down.  At Home Environment Solutions we understand that there is no one size fits all solution when it comes to insulation, so because of this, we use many types of insulation. We use insulation products such as blown-in, cellulose, rigid foam, and much more. We insulate all areas of the home including the attic,  

Insulation Services We Offer in Allegheny, PA 

  • Attic Insulation 
  • Blown-In Insulation 
  • Cellulose Insulation 
  • Basement Insulation 
  • Rigid Foam Insulation
  • Air Duct Sealing 
  • and Much More!

Comprehensive Home Energy Audits

At Home Environment Solutions, we not only test and investigate your home's energy hogs, but we will discuss and prioritize the proper repairs. You'll know which ones will save you the most energy and why. This will also help direct you in making the best decision for you and your family. What separates us from other contractors in the industry is that we not only thoroughly investigate your home, but we will go over the results and better educate you as to why the issues we discovered should be addressed, as well as why we recommend the work we do. 

Contact us to start saving energy today!

Mold Removal & Remediation Contractor 

As Allegheny, PA's mold removal and remediation expert, we thoroughly test and inspect for any and all signs of mold in your home.  Mold is very harmful to not only your home but your health as well, so because of this, we make sure all mold issues are fixed and your home's air quality is perfect.  If you are experiencing any mold-related issues in your home, contact us today to get started with our proven mold remediation services.

Protect Your Allegheny home with Gutter Shutter

Gutters play a vital role in protecting your home from water damage. If you don’t have quality gutters installed, rainwater can damage your home’s exterior or cause other costly issues. Protect your home from gale-force winds, and rain with Gutter Shutter. Our experts can install affordable and effective gutters to help you protect your home. We also install quality gutters guards to protect the gutters and make gutter cleaning a thing of the past.

Contact your local Gutter Shutter dealer to schedule your free gutter installation estimate in Allegheny, PA today!

Job Stories From Allegheny County, PA
Monroeville PA Cantilevered Home

Cantilevered homes have one floor that extends beyond the foundation to hang over an open space. It's also one of the usual suspects when there's a comfort issue in the home. In the winter time cold air can leak into your overhang and take up residency in your floor cavity. Its not uncommon for us to find little or no insulation in these cavities.  To fix this we need to stop the air infiltration to keep the cold air from traveling through the joist cavities.

Monroeville PA  Cantilevered Home - Photo 1Monroeville PA  Cantilevered Home - Photo 2
Coraopolis PA Mold blocking a home sale

We received a call from Penny who was selling her house.  The buyers home inspector found mold in the attic and the purchase was on hold until the attic was properly remediated.  Our Certified mold remediation team quickly and properly removed the mold in the attic.  The sale was now ready to close and Penny was one happy customer!


Brackenridge PA Replacing insulation

Carolyn found us online and called in for an estimate.  We were the 5th insulation company she interview.  Carolyn had a cape cod style house with living space in the attic.  They had been living there for 50 years and the upstairs was freezing in the winter and baking hot in the summer.  Carolyn also complained about the road noise from the busy street in front of their home.  

We proposed installing sound reducing insulation in her knee walls and attic as well as increasing her very inadequate insulation in her attic to R60.

The end result was an amazed customer on how much more comfortable her home was and she was completely blown away on how quiet it was.  She said that she has been uncomfortable in her home for the last 50 years and she couldn’t be more pleased with the comfort and sound level.

Sewickley PA Crawlspace Issues Plague a Home i

Crawlspace Issues Plague a Home in Sewickley, PA

Something didn’t quite smell right at Amy T.’s home, and on top of that she was suffering with some cold floors. So, she decided to call the home comfort specialist at Home Environment Solutions. Mark arrived at Amy’s home to provide a free evaluation and estimate.

After hearing about the problems Amy was having, Mark took a look at the crawlspace of the home. That is where he discovered the problems causing the musty smell and cold floors in Amy’s home. Mark then crafted a plan to solve the problems and handed it off to the production crew.

First, the crew needed to remove the fiberglass insulation that was in the crawlspace.  Most of it was either sagging or had fallen down completely. Then they needed to clean dirt and construction debris that was on the crawl space floor.

Then it was time to seal the duct joints in the crawl space. This makes sure that the conditioned air wasn’t escaping. That was followed by air sealing and insulating the rim joist with spray foam insulation. The exterior block walls were then air sealed and insulated using SilverGlo insulation board. The production crew then installed a CleanSpace Encapsulation liner on the floor of the crawlspace.

The last step with the crawlspace encapsulation was to install a SaniDry Sedona dehumidifier. This will make sure the moisture in the air stays down and to help with the musty smell Amy was having.

With all of this complete Amy was happy to report that all of her issues with her home, had disappeared. There was no more musty smell or cold floors.  Amy now had a healthier, more comfortable and efficient home.

Sewickley PA Crawlspace Issues Plague a Home i - Photo 1Sewickley PA Crawlspace Issues Plague a Home i - Photo 2
Glenshaw PA Mold

The homeowners recently purchased this home which was vacant for a long period of time.  They were referred to Home Environment Solutions by both their realtor and home inspector.  The basement was completely finished and had extensive mold and water damage throughout.

Mark, a nationally certified mold remediation expert, came out to inspect and propose a solution to remove the mold.  All of the mold damaged drywall in the basement needed to be removed and most of the nonstructural framing.  This fit the home owners’ plans because they wanted to completely remodel the space anyway. 

The certified mold remediation team consisted of Dave, Dalton and Cameron.  Their box truck is designed with specialized mold remediation equipment.  The team began their project by building barriers between the work area and the other living areas so not to spread the mold to the unaffected parts of the home.  Large HEPA air scrubbers and negative air machines were set up to capture any airborne mold spores and dust as the project progressed.  The building materials were carefully removed and hauled away to the landfill by our team.  The entire basement was HEPA cleaned and disinfected leaving what is probably the cleanest basement in the area.  The home owners were astounded at the results saying, “the most important part for me is the peace of mind and confidence that comes from knowing the job was done correctly!”

Pittsburgh PA Cold Kitchen Floors and Uneven Temperatures

Justin found us at the Pittsburgh Home and Garden Show and couldnt wait to talk to us. He had a few issues that he brought to our attention; cold floors in his kitchen (above the crawlspace) and a broken pipe in the crawlspace which had a dirt floor.  His colonial home was built in 1935 and he said he had a hard time heating and cooling the upstairs area and his furnace and air conditioner ran non stop.

Russ, the Home Environment Solutions representative went to Justin's home to evaluate the situation  He explained to the homeowner the reason for the uneven temperatures in his home was because he had an R19 value of fiberglass in his attic and there were gaps in the floor causing the air to leak out.  Justin decided to schedule our production team, Zach, Cameron, and JJ to come out and resolve all of his issues. 

The team started with the attic and removed all of the old fiberglass and air sealed all penetrations in the attic floor.  They insulated with TruSoft blown in cellulose to an average of R60, installed a dam around the scuttle hole and and insulated using SilverGlo, weather stripping and OSB.  To finalize the attic, we installed a TruSoft baffle system which meets EnergyStar requirements.  Zach, Cam and JJ then started workin on the crawlspace and air sealed and insulate the rim joist with spray foam.  The encapsulated the dirt floor with CleanSpace and attached it to the SilverGlo insulation board that was installed on all of the exterior walls.

The homeowner was excited about the difference he noticed in his home in a matter of 24 hours.  He said for the first time since living there, he and his wife were able to walk across the kitchen floor without socks or slippers.  He was also impressed that he no longer had a drastic change in temperature from his downstairs to upstairs.  It was the same throughout.

Allison Park, PA Cold Cape Cod

Rose M. was tired her cold upstairs rooms and closets in her cape cod home.  She didnt think much could be done because her home was just built in 2014, so it wasnt very old.  She said that everything including her insulation was up to code.  Rose started searching the internet and found Home Environment Solutions during a search for "cold rooms upstairs".  She decided to give us a call and set up an appointment but had little hope that her home would be comfortable.

When Rose called the office, she spoke with Christie, the office Manager.  Christie took the time to listen to all of Rose's concerns and put her mind at ease letting her know who was coming to her home, our contact information, and what type of car we would be driving.

Russell, our insulation expert, went to the appointment and found multiple areas in her attic that were losing valuable heat which was causing her comfort issues and elevating her energy bills.  Some of the key factors were air gaps in her recessed lighting, duct work, and attic floor.

Our production team lead by Zach and Cameron went to work installing SilverGlo on her knee walls, dense packing the roof, adding more TruSoft Cellulose insulation, TiteShell recessed light fixture covers, and encapsulating her ducts with Tight N' True spray foam.

The difference in Rose's home was felt immediately and she was happy to see her energy bills had lowered as well.

Allison Park, Pa. Cape Cod Style over garage

Rose found Home Environment Solutions from a google search.  She and her husband had issues with the way their home was built and the lack of insulation in the master closet that was built over the garage.  She also had comfort issues in the area of her mud room and laundry room on the first floor.  Their home was newly built and the master closet was ice cold in the winter and she was tried of dealing with the cold.


Russell, our Home Comfort Specialist, arrived at Rose's home and performed an indepth home evaluation to determine how to best meet their needs.  Russell found that the attic (over the garage) had fiberglass bats in the knee wall, the cathedral spaces and no insualtion under the floor of the closet.  It was also found that none of the area were air sealed between conditioned space and unconditioned space.  Russell explained the showed Rose the areas of issue with a thermal camera and walked her through the process of properly insulating her master closet and mud room area.


The production crew of Zack, Cameron and Derek arrived to Rose's home and set out traps to protect her home.  Zack went over the contract and walked Rose through the project.  The crew air sealed the attic floor, installed SilverGlo high density foam board on the knee walls and insulated the attic to an R-60.  They installed insulated scuttle covers and spray foamed the duct work that was in the attic.  The crew did an excellent job and the customer was very satisfied with our work.  



Allison Park, Pa. Cape Cod Style over garage - Photo 1Allison Park, Pa. Cape Cod Style over garage - Photo 2Allison Park, Pa. Cape Cod Style over garage - Photo 3Allison Park, Pa. Cape Cod Style over garage - Photo 4Allison Park, Pa. Cape Cod Style over garage - Photo 5Allison Park, Pa. Cape Cod Style over garage - Photo 6Allison Park, Pa. Cape Cod Style over garage - Photo 7
Pittsburgh PA Traditional attic

Patrick and Cathy had recently moved to the Pittsburgh area about 1 year ago.  They had noticed a temperature difference as they walked up their steps to the second floor. They said the temperature difference was 6-8 degree difference.  They were not happy with this difference and wanted to find out if this could be fixed.  Upon reading our reviews, Patrick decided to contact Home Environment Solutions.


Russell, our Home Comfort Specialist, met with Patrick and Cathy at their home.  Russell asked several questions (to determine what they wanted to accomplish) and did a walk through of the home.  Russell did a more indepth inspection using a thermal camera and entered the attic to evaluate the existing insulation.  The inspection revealed that the attic had some blown in fiberglass and some fiberglass bats.  Russell also found that the attic floor was not air sealed which was allowing heat to entered into the attic.  When heat enters the attic and hits a cold roof, it causes condensation and on a really cold day, frost will form on the tips of the nails.  The evidence of this happening is the drip marks (water marks) on the insulation and the plywood decking.  Following Russell's inspection, he prepared a formal proposal presented it to Patrick and Cathy.  They decided to move forward immediately.


The production crew (Cameron, Zack and Derek) arrived at their home and began tarping the area to protect the customer's home.  The crew removed the fiberglass insulation with a truck mounted vacuum.  Any fiberglass bats were bagged up in the attic and removed from the property.  They also air sealed the attic floor and built an insulated storage deck.  The crew re-insulated the attic with TruSoft Cellulose R-60 (17").  


Patrick and Cathy were extremely satisfied with the crew and the work completed at their home.

Pittsburgh PA Traditional attic - Photo 1Pittsburgh PA Traditional attic - Photo 2Pittsburgh PA Traditional attic - Photo 3Pittsburgh PA Traditional attic - Photo 4Pittsburgh PA Traditional attic - Photo 5Pittsburgh PA Traditional attic - Photo 6Pittsburgh PA Traditional attic - Photo 7
Pittsburgh PA Cape Cod attic

David had a home energy audit performed by CCI, Pittsburgh Pa.  CCI provided David with a detailed report for the inspection of his home.  CCI also recommended Home Environment Solutions to David to complete the work.  


Russell, our Home Comfort Specialist, met with David and went over the CCi report and also completed his own home evaluation.  Russell met David's needs for home comfort and energy efficiency. Russell agreed with most of CCI's recommendations and provided David with a proposal.


The production crew of Zack, Cameron and Brandon arrived at the home and set up tarps to protect the home.  The crew air sealed and insulated the knee wall spaces, dense packed the cathedral ceiling and air sealed and insulated the top of the home.  The crew also spray foamed the rim joist in the basement. The crew also attached weather stripping along the exterior doors of the home as requested by David.


The crew did a wonderful job at David’s home and met his needs as assessed by CCI and Russell.  A great job!


Pittsburgh PA Cape Cod attic - Photo 1Pittsburgh PA Cape Cod attic - Photo 2Pittsburgh PA Cape Cod attic - Photo 3
Pittsburgh PA Traditional Attic

 Bob has been in his home for 15+ years and has been putting up with an uncomfortable home.  He said that the insulation is dust and his walls and closets are cold. He also said that he is getting condensation at the top of his walls and it is starting to turn black.


Russell, our Home Comfort Specialist, met with Bob at his home.  Russell listened to Bob’s concerns and issues with his home. He then did a full home evaluation and climbed into the attic to get a better idea of what is going on in this home.  Russell determined that the home was under insulated and contained fiberglass bats. The attic was not air sealed. The other item that was discovered were water marks on the insulation.. This indicates the presence of condensation in the attic.  The main building principle in a home is called stack effect. In the winter, as hot air rises it makes its way into the attic. Relative humidity increases 2.2% for every degree that the temperature goes down. So when 70 degree air hits 30 degree sheathing, that is a 40 degree temperature drop.  So the relative humidity in the attic is now 88% and the result is condensation on the sheathing. On really cold days, that moisture would at first appear on the nail tips in the form of frost. As the day begins to warm up, drip, drip, drip leaving drip marks on the insulation. If this continues for an extended period of time, mold will eventually  grow on the sheathing. Russell prepared a proposal explaining the issues and how we fix those issues. Russell used his attic photos and a thermal camera to explain the issues to Bob. Bob understood the issues and how Home Environment Solutions were going to correct these issues.


The production team of Zack, Cameron and Brandon arrived at the home.  Each day our production team meets with the customer to explain what they will be accomplishing throughout the day.  We like to keep our customers informed. The team removed the existing fiberglass insulation and began air sealing the attic floor.  The team air sealed the kitchen bulkheads and built an air sealed insulated whole house fan cover. The team insulated the attic to R-60.


Bob was very pleased with the work and the change to his home.


Pittsburgh PA Traditional Attic - Photo 1Pittsburgh PA Traditional Attic - Photo 2Pittsburgh PA Traditional Attic - Photo 3Pittsburgh PA Traditional Attic - Photo 4Pittsburgh PA Traditional Attic - Photo 5Pittsburgh PA Traditional Attic - Photo 6Pittsburgh PA Traditional Attic - Photo 7Pittsburgh PA Traditional Attic - Photo 8Pittsburgh PA Traditional Attic - Photo 9
Pittsburgh PA Traditional attic whole house fan

Al and Cynthia have been in their home for 20+ years and had the insulation done about 15-20 years ago.  The bills are not too bad but he knew the insulation could be better.


Russell, our Home Comfort Specialist, met with Al and Cynthia at their home.  Al said that he feels that the insulation could be better and he wanted to find out what it would cost to have the insulation done properly.  They really weren’t having many comfort issues, he just wanted to see if he could get the bills to be a little lower. One of the first issues Russell found was the whole house fan, which is a huge source of heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer.  The attic had approximately 4” of dirty old fiberglass and the attic was not air sealed. Russell provided Al and Cynthia with a proposal to address the issues in their home.


 The production team of Zack, Cameron and Brandon arrived and set up protective coverings and began working.  The team removed all the old fiberglass and began air sealing the attic floor. The team built an air sealed insulated cover for the whole house fan and also built a storage deck.  The team insulated the attic to an R-60 (17” TruSoft Cellulose) Finally the attic scuttle was insulated with 4” SilverGlo Insulation board and weather stripping was placed around the opening.


They were very pleased with the team and the work that was completed on their home.


Pittsburgh PA Traditional attic whole house fan - Photo 1Pittsburgh PA Traditional attic whole house fan - Photo 2Pittsburgh PA Traditional attic whole house fan - Photo 3Pittsburgh PA Traditional attic whole house fan - Photo 4Pittsburgh PA Traditional attic whole house fan - Photo 5Pittsburgh PA Traditional attic whole house fan - Photo 6Pittsburgh PA Traditional attic whole house fan - Photo 7Pittsburgh PA Traditional attic whole house fan - Photo 8Pittsburgh PA Traditional attic whole house fan - Photo 9
Carnegie, PA. Mold in a traditional attic

Sam had gone up in his attic and found a large amount of mold on the sheathing of the roof. He found Home Environment Solutions online and upon reading our reviews, he called and scheduled an appointment.   


Russell, our Home Comfort Specialist / Microbial Remediation Supervisor, met with Sam at his home.  Sam was able to express his concerns and what he would like to accomplish to Russell. Russell then did a full inspection of Sam’s home.  Russell found a large quantity of mold on the sheathing. The attic had two layers of insulation (blown and bat fiberglass). After the inspection, Russell provided Sam with a complete proposal for his home.  Sam decided to move forward immediately. Sam also has an exposed crawl space under his home. He did not move forward with this work initially. He did however want his ductwork spray foamed in the crawl space.


The production crew of Cameron, Brandon and Zack arrived at the home and began work.  The attic access was in the garage, so they did not need to enter Sam’s home. They removed all of the insulation and began air sealing the attic floor.  They built an insulated storage deck, spray foamed the dect work and finally installed a pull down step cover. The crew did a great job at Sam’s home.  


Sam was very happy with the crew and the work performed in his home.


Carnegie, PA. Mold in a traditional attic - Photo 1Carnegie, PA. Mold in a traditional attic - Photo 2Carnegie, PA. Mold in a traditional attic - Photo 3Carnegie, PA. Mold in a traditional attic - Photo 4Carnegie, PA. Mold in a traditional attic - Photo 5Carnegie, PA. Mold in a traditional attic - Photo 6Carnegie, PA. Mold in a traditional attic - Photo 7
Pittsburgh, PA / Neville Island Crawlspace and Sump Pump!

The owner Jill A. called us after being referred by a friend. She said that the room addition was her master bedroom was up to fifteen degrees colder in the winter and significantly warmer in the summer.

Certified Comfort and Energy Specialist Mark O evaluated the home.  He discovered poor attic insulation and a vented crawlspace below the room addition to be the problem. During Marks inspection he also discovered some wood rot and very high humidity in the wet crawlspace. Mark had solutions to resolve Jills uncomfort.

Foreman Mike Y, installers Craig C. and Jeff W. installed a perimeter drain system (SmartPipe) and a SmartSump sump pump system and a Zoeller sump pump and CleanSpace Drainage Matting to first deal with the water intrusion into the crawlspace area.  Next TerraBlock crawlspace floor insulation was installed to create a thermal barrier. Finally SilverGlo insulation was installed on the walls followed by CleanSpace Liner.

Next the team air sealed the attic and properly insulated with cellulose insulation to an average of R60 for optimum results. 

Jill reported that she felt this was the best money shes ever spent and her room was the same temperature as the remainder of the home.  Jill is now using her dry crawlspace for extra storage.

Check out our Before and After Pictures page for more!

Pittsburgh, PA / Neville Island  Crawlspace and Sump Pump! - Photo 1
Pittsburgh PA Crawlspace Help

Emily wanted to buy an existing home but the inspector found some mold in the crawlspace.  She loved the home and wanted to put an offer on it, but was concerned about her sensitivity to mold.  Her realtor spoke with the seller and worked out a plan to get the needs of the buyer met.  Realtor Aimee called to have us come out and give an estimate on the crawlspace.

When specialist Mark went to evaluate the home he noticed the back yard was a hillside sloping toward the home causing the crawlspace to get quite a bit of water during hard rains.  He suggested to install a sump pump, remove the mold, and encapsulate the crawlslpace with CleanSpace.  

The buyer and seller were both happy with the results of the work that was done. 


Pittsburgh PA Crawlspace Help - Photo 1Pittsburgh PA Crawlspace Help - Photo 2Pittsburgh PA Crawlspace Help - Photo 3
Monroeville PA Bugs Taking Over the Home

Louise from Monroeville, PA called us not sure if we would be able to help her or not.  She said that she was noticing dead bugs on the paddles of the fans in her home and had some carpet beetles as well.  She said that she had an exterminator come in twice, but the after each time, she was still finding dead bugs.  She said at this point she had no idea where they were coming from, but no one had been in her attic in years.

Russ, our insulation specialist, went to her home to check out her situation.  Through other jobs we have done, we have seen all kinds of critters big and small that would make the old attic insulation their home.  It is a great place for them to nest.  What Russ did find was that not only did she have quite a few bugs and beetles living in her attic, she also had mice and mold. 

We scheduled her job to remove all of the insulation, remediate (remove) the mold in her attic, and prepared it for installation of fresh clean insulation.  We sealed all of the penetrations and top plates, and installed TiteShell covers over all of her recessed lighting fixtures.  Once complete we blew in TruSoft Cellulose Insulation which is animal resistant insulation.

Louise was extremely happy with the outcome of her home.  She has not seen a bug since in installation.  She was also very impressed with the production team taking the time to let her know what was going on and to show her pictures of the progress of her home each day.  

Monroeville PA Bugs Taking Over the Home - Photo 1
Wexford PA insulation

Anita B lives in Wexford, PA.  She has a two story home and felt uneven temperatures in her home.  Anita's friend told her about Home Environment Solutions so she called Christie right away.  She wanted to make her upstairs more comfortable year round and her basement warmer.

Russ, our Certified Energy consultant went to her home and found that she had inadequate insulation and air leaks around her chimney. Cameron and his crew insulated using SilverGlo and TruSoft cellulose. They prepared the chimney for insulation with Rock wool and fire caulk. Then finished the attic by adding a David Lewis hatch cover.  We finished the job with making her basement warmer by sealing and insulating her rim joists.

Anita was very pleased with our work and said she noticed a difference right away.

Sewickley, PA Sanitizing and Insulation

Mr. Dwight D of Sewickley, PA had a very uncomfortable home, high energy bills, and thought he even had a rodent problem. After doing some research he called Christie at Home Environment solutions and explained his concerns. 

Russ, our Certified Energy consultant, went to his home and found that he did have a rodent problem along with very little insulation. We removed all old insulation and rodent waste, sanitized the area, air sealed, then added the new TruSoft Cellulose. Dwight wanted to continue to use his attic for storage so we added a SuperPlatform insulation catwalk. All of the ductwork in the attic was encapsulated with Polyuretgane spray foam to seal leaky spots. 

Dwight was very pleased with Cameron and Zach's crews with how they walked him through every step of the process they did. Dwight said he noticed which parts of the house were done before the guys had finished the whole job. He was estatic with how it all turned out and how soon he seen a difference. 

Sewickley, PA Sanitizing and Insulation - Photo 1
Pittsburgh, PA Attic Insulation

Homeowner April of Pittsburgh, PA needed her home to be warmer in the winter. One of her friends referred her to Home Environment Solutions. April called in and talked to Christie about her concerns. Christie got her an appointment right away. 

Russ informed April that there was only basic insulation in her attic, and it was allowing alot of her heated air out. Zach and Cameron bagged up all the old bat insulation, and sucked out any left over materials or insects. They then airsealed all rimjoists, can lights, and top plates with ZypFoam. Once dried they blew in TruSoft Cellulose to an R60 value. The attic hatch cover was airsealed and insulated with a Scuttle Cover.

April was very happy with how fast she noticed a difference in her home temperature overall. 

Serving the following Allegheny County, PA zip codes
Pittsburgh 15231, Pittsburgh 15274, Pittsburgh 15224, Pittsburgh 15262, Pittsburgh 15217, Pittsburgh 15254, Pittsburgh 15210, Pittsburgh 15242, Pittsburgh 15290, Pittsburgh 15203, Pittsburgh 15235, Pittsburgh 15278, Pittsburgh 15228, Pittsburgh 15268, Pittsburgh 15221, Pittsburgh 15259, Pittsburgh 15214, Pittsburgh 15251, Pittsburgh 15207, Pittsburgh 15239, Pittsburgh 15283, Pittsburgh 15232, Pittsburgh 15275, Pittsburgh 15225, Pittsburgh 15264, Pittsburgh 15218, Pittsburgh 15255, Pittsburgh 15211, Pittsburgh 15243, Pittsburgh 15295, Pittsburgh 15204, Pittsburgh 15236, Pittsburgh 15279, Pittsburgh 15229, Pittsburgh 15270, Pittsburgh 15222, Pittsburgh 15260, Pittsburgh 15215, Pittsburgh 15252, Pittsburgh 15208, Pittsburgh 15240, Pittsburgh 15286, Pittsburgh 15201, Pittsburgh 15233, Pittsburgh 15276, Pittsburgh 15226, Pittsburgh 15265, Pittsburgh 15219, Pittsburgh 15257, Pittsburgh 15212, Pittsburgh 15244, Pittsburgh 15205, Pittsburgh 15237, Pittsburgh 15281, Pittsburgh 15230, Pittsburgh 15272, Pittsburgh 15223, Pittsburgh 15261, Pittsburgh 15216, Pittsburgh 15253, Pittsburgh 15209, Pittsburgh 15241, Pittsburgh 15289, Pittsburgh 15202, Pittsburgh 15234, Pittsburgh 15277, Pittsburgh 15227, Pittsburgh 15267, Pittsburgh 15220, Pittsburgh 15258, Pittsburgh 15213, Pittsburgh 15250, Pittsburgh 15206, Pittsburgh 15238, Pittsburgh 15282, Mc Kees Rocks 15136, Bethel Park 15102, Monroeville 15146, Gibsonia 15044, Allison Park 15101, Wexford 15090, Imperial 15126, West Mifflin 15122, West Mifflin 15123, Mckeesport 15131, Mckeesport 15135, Mckeesport 15132, Mckeesport 15133, Mckeesport 15134, Glenshaw 15116, South Park 15129, Natrona Heights 15065, North Versailles 15137, Carnegie 15106, Clairton 15025, Oakmont 15139, Coraopolis 15108, Duquesne 15110, Turtle Creek 15145, Bridgeville 15017, Tarentum 15084, Glassport 15045, Sewickley 15143, Presto 15142, Springdale 15144, Pitcairn 15140, Brackenridge 15014, Homestead 15120, Crescent 15046, Morgan 15064, Verona 15147, Wilmerding 15148, East Mc Keesport 15035, Braddock 15104, East Pittsburgh 15112, Dravosburg 15034, Cheswick 15024, Cuddy 15031, Elizabeth 15037, Oakdale 15071, Leetsdale 15056, Bradfordwoods 15015, Creighton 15030, Sturgeon 15082, Harwick 15049, Russellton 15076, Buena Vista 15018, West Elizabeth 15088, Indianola 15051, Bakerstown 15007, Warrendale 15086, Bairdford 15006, Bunola 15020, Greenock 15047, Coulters 15028, Rural Ridge 15075, Wildwood 15091, Curtisville 15032, Ingomar 15127, Warrendale 15095, Warrendale 15096

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