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We disinfect messes left from mice, raccoons, bats, & more in Greater Pittsburgh & Northern Panhandle

Greater Pittsburgh, WV, PA, & OH Racoon Waste Cleanup

Once raccoons and other pests get into your home or building, they can cause significant damage, leave droppings, and create other biohazards.

Unwanted animals can cause a significant amount of damage and leave behind biohazards inside a home or building. That's why Home Environment Solutions provides certified pest cleanup services. We are properly trained to disinfect urine and droppings in the attic, crawl space, and basement.

Schedule a pest cleanup estimate to learn more. We proudly serve West Virginia & Pennsylvania homeowners and businesses in Weirton, Pittsburgh, Washington, and areas nearby.

How pests affect homes & buildings

Greater Pittsburgh, WV, PA, & OH Rodent Waste Cleanup

By sealings openings and installing insulation, we can keep mice and other pests from re-entering your home or building.

Some animals sneak into homes or buildings to keep warm, stay safe, and mate. Fiberglass insulation makes the perfect bedding for these uninvited guests. Other animals can attract new pests - we have even found snakes in attics and crawl spaces looking for mice and rodents to eat.

Once pests are inside, they leave urine and feces. They can also do significant damage to the property's building structure. For example, rodents will chew through wiring, HVAC ducts, roofing, and eventually enter the home or building.

Even worse, many diseases are directly transmitted by rodents, birds, and other pest droppings. They can even carry fleas, mites, and other parasites.

Cleaning pest droppings & other biohazards

  1. When animals enter the attic or crawl space, they leave behind droppings and other biohazards that need to be removed using specialized equipment. This will eliminate cross-contamination in other areas.
  2. During this process, we will remove all contaminated insulation, dead animals, droppings, nesting debris, and other trash using HEPA air scrubbers, biohazard-rated HEPA vacuums, Negative Air Pressure equipment, and personal protective equipment.
  3. In certain situations, we use a 23 horsepower truck-mounted vacuum, which cleans debris from the attic or crawl space and sends them directly to the truck outside. This prevents any biohazards from re-entering the property.
  4. Once the contaminated biohazard materials are removed, Home Environment Solutions will disinfect the work area using an EPA-rated solution designed to kill the remaining bacteria.
  5. Finally, after remediation is complete, we will find and seal any openings that rodents and other pests have used to enter your property. Crawl spaces should be properly insulated to reduce the humidity and prevent animals from re-entering.

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Thinking of cleaning the mess yourself? Pest cleanup can be dangerous. You run the risk of hurting yourself, contaminating the rest of the property, and harming others. [companie] has been properly trained and certified. Plus we have cleaned pest waste and other biohazards from hundreds of Greater Pittsburgh & Northern Panhandle properties.

Your safety and the safety of our crew members is our highest priority. We use professional restoration HEPA equipment to prevent cross-contamination We even provide attic and crawl space insulation services, which prevents future animal infestations, reduces your energy bills, and creates a more comfortable home or building overall.

To see how we can create a safer, more comfortable home or building, contact Home Environment Solutions today. We are certified mold removal experts backed by the Dr. Energy Saver dealer network. We proudly serve West Virginia & Pennsylvania residents in Wheeling, Steubenville, West Mifflin, Bethel Park, Cecil, Canonsburg, McKeesport, and areas nearby.

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