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  Carol D.'s home in Brackenridge, PA was built in the 1950s and through all the years she has been living there, she had struggled with and very uncomfortable second floor. The rooms were freezing cold during the winter and scorching hot during the summer. Carol started researching solutions online and found Home Environment Solutions. After inspecting the house, our energy conservation technician recommended attic insulation and air sealing -- as well as insulating and sound proofing the knee-wall space. In this video Carol speaks about the experience with the company and the results.
Carol D. of Brackenridge, PA
Thursday, May 4th
  The upper floor in Johnny D.'s Weirton, WV home was extremely uncomfortable year round. Scorching hot in the summer. freezing cold in the winter. He had previously upgraded his furnace, thinking that a more energy efficient HVAC system would help make his home more comfortable, but soon found out that was not the case. That is when he decided to call Home Environment Solutions. Upon inspection, our technician demonstrated that poor attic insulation was the cause of the discomfort. In this video Johnny talks about the experience he had with the company. "Well for the first time in 10 years the house is one temperature throughout. The furnace hardly ever kicks on anymore. It seems like it runs only when it absolutely needs to. ", he explains. "Home Environment Solutions fixed the problem that nobody else could figure out for the ten years that I've been living in the home. Basically my energy bills are way lower than I expected them to be after the fact, so I am really pleased." , says Johnny.
Johnny D. of Weirton, WV
Thursday, February 23rd
  The upper floor in Ron B.'s Weirton, WV home was extremely uncomfortable year round. Too hot in the summer, freezing cold in the winter. Home Environment Solutions helped fix all the comfort issues with proper air sealing and attic insulation. Ron's home is now comfortable and he is very happy with the results. As for the experience he had with the company, here's what he has to say:"These people are professional people, they come to your house, they respect your house and the job that they did in my attic was like adding another room."
Ron B. of Weirton, WV
Tuesday, August 8th
  Lou B. is an architect in Weirton, WV and while working on a strip mall project, he was looking for a commercial insulation company that could deliver fire resistant insulation. A friend recommended Home Environment Solutions. After the job was performed, the results were so good and Lou's client was so happy that Lou began to think about solving comfort issues in his own office space. He then contacted us again and had his entire office insulated and air sealed. Once again, Lou was very pleased with the results and plan to call Home Environment Solutions for any of his future projects requiring expert insulation services.
Lou B. of Weirton, WV
Tuesday, August 8th
I bought my house a few years ago and now come up with the money to insulate my attic. I looked at companies for weeks on the internet. I got it down to 3 companies, the first one i called for a estimate was late for the appointment so he's crossed off the list, which leaves me with two. Booth companies seemed very knowledgable, but Mike at Home Environment Solutions was able to answer my question a lot better and took time to explain it to me so i was sure I understood. I had other companies come in and do different things at my house and it always seemed like i got screwed over, but not with Home Environment Solutions ! I doubt you could go out today and find a sales person who explains what will take place and a work crew that does it exactly like i was told ! The workers at Home Environment Solutions were very reliable, they took their time to do job like it was their own house. They told me step by step what they were going to do next and had me inspect their work prior to going on, incase i had any questions. I just can't speak highly enough about the crew, they were awesome !If you're looking to get insulation in your attic call Home Environment Solutions, they are the BEST !
Lee U. of Dawson, PA
Friday, July 7th
Thank you Cameron and team for all of your hard work installing the insulation.  Yoiu guys did a SUPER JOB! Yoiu were cery polite and considerate.   Thanks - Shirley
Shirley D. of 1074 Old St Rd, PA
Friday, February 19th
Hi Christie I just wanted to follow up with the insulation service that you provided at our home in Finleyville. The Master Bedroom and walk in closet of the house we purchased was very cold. We had two heating and AC companies look in the attic and both saw nothing wrong. Your man came down from the attic and informed us that there was no attic insulation in that area. Your service people came out and insulated the area and almost instantly improved the coldness problem. No additional heaters needed like the Heating company suggested.  All facets of your service from the initial consultation to the actual service was superb. Thank you very much  
Jim B. of Finleyville, PA
Friday, January 8th
Just wanted to let you know that all the insulation work which you did for us definitely helped in the past winter in the upstairs bedrooms.   Also, with the summer months arriving, I have noticed that I do not feel the rush of heat at the top of the stairs which we felt prior to insulatiion.  I feel that the insulation has again definitely made some difference in the room temperature of the upstairs bedrooms.  It is still warm up there, mainly because of how the air conditioning was added to the house after its construction, but it is not the "baking" type of heat that we experienced before insulation. I haven't gone into the knee wall area yet since the hot weather, but I do think it will be much better there as well. Wanted to let you know how pleased that I still am with the results of your work in our home.  It was all well worth the dollars spent.  
Carolyn D. of Brackenridge, PA
Wednesday, June 28th
Everything went very well. My wife said the crew was very professional and we can already notice the heat difference in our 2nd floor.
Greg N. of Pittsburgh, PA
Wednesday, February 3rd
We’ve had the pleasure of insulating our home with the products from Home Environment Solutions.  Notice we said products-not just one type of product to fix multiple types of insulating needs. The science behind insulating the attic, as recommended by them, really works. Our monthly energy usage has gone down 12% from one year ago after insulating our home.  No more pockets of drafty air in certain rooms.  No more temperature differences on all floors of the house.      Zach and his team were respectful and competent.  They arrived at the time they specified and stayed until the work was completed.   If you’re willing to spend a little more and value quality, call them for an estimate.    
Debbie U. of Pittsburgh, PA
Wednesday, January 20th
Zach, Brandon, and Cam were exceptional! I am beyond pleased with the work they did for me, their knowledge and professionalism, and especially their kindness and friendliness. Your team is incredibly lucky to have them! They are very lucky to have Christie, as well! She's been wonderful to work with, and I really appreciate it. I have been so please with this entire experience working with your company! 
Jennifer T. of Pittsburgh, PA
Wednesday, June 12th
We continue to be amazed how much cooler it is upstairs, and we have yet to set our downstairs thermostat below 70 F to keep our upstairs cool.  We are happy with the results of Russell’s recommendations and the work that Cam, Brandon and Zac put into our home.
Nolan D. of South Park, PA
Monday, July 22nd
This note is a week late in coming, but we just wanted to say what a great job Zack, Derrick, and Cam did on our attic insulation work a couple weeks ago.  The temperatures were in the upper 90's all week, but they worked hard with no complaints at all.  They hit a couple snags along the way with spacing around the steps, but they made the necessary adjustments to make it all work.  People are usually eager to send comments if they're unhappy with a job, but we wanted to be sure to send along our thanks for a job well done by Zack, Derrick & Cam.  Thanks, guys -- it was a pleasure to have you in our home!  
Bill G. of Pittsburgh, PA
Wednesday, July 22nd
It’s easy to make a referral because I was so satisfied with your level of knowledge and honesty plus the guys that did the work were great!! It’s helped with heating also!! So once again Thank You!!
Don A. of Ross Township, PA
Wednesday, January 26th
I wanted to show you my comparison of our bills from the old house to the new since you insulated. The top bill which is $112.52 is our electric for last month in our current house and the bottom bill $209.07 is from the house we have not been living in and the air kept at 75 degrees!  Its double the price!! I did a double take when I realized that the smaller house bill is way more than our larger house you insulated!!
Amy H. of McMurray, PA
Monday, June 6th
Thank you for the time and attention you gave to me and my crazy little house.  I really appreciate how much you taught me throught the insulation process.
Julie P. of Carnegie, PA
Monday, November 21st
First of all I want to sincerely thank you for the impeccable job you guys did at my residence.  We had mold in the attic mainly concentrated to one side of the roof. From meeting you at the home show to working with Russ, and the incredible crew you have with Brandon, Zach, Cam I'm sure you don't need me to tell you, but it was extremely apparent and gratifying to see their work ethic and attention to detail. They always took the time to answer my questions and took the time to show me "Dr. Energy light's" mistakes and explained the correct way to insulate and use the products. It's been about 6 months since the work in the attic and it has truly been incredible just what a difference it has made ($80-$90 average savings every month in the summer) compared to last year. I am truly impressed with the craftsmanship and completeness of your team's scope of work.
Andy G. of Wexford, PA
Thursday, May 16th
I just wanted to let you know that everything your guys did was great!  My furnace barely runs.  WOW! You have definitely made a difference in my home.  I will highly recommend Home Environment Solution to all of my friends, neighbors, and family.  
Paul K. of Bethlehem, WV
Wednesday, December 14th
Just wanted to let you know how cozy our house is after your work in the attic. Our wood consumption has been greatly reduced and side rooms much warmer. When I do the kitchen addition I will have you guys come back. I also built a R40 scuttle door that opens using a small winch to access the attic. Thanks
Dave G. of Wheeling, WV
Monday, April 3rd
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