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Photo Album: Monongahela, PA Home Gets Blown In Cellulose Insulation

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The Monongahela PA homeowner wasn't comfortable in their home.  Some rooms were to hot while others to cold.  After are trained technition visited her home and conducted a free full energy evaluation.  He concluded that the most important place for this homeowner to insulate was the attic.  

We know that lots of air escapes through your attic because of the stack effect principle. 

Like wind, the stack effect can move large volumes of air through a building envelope. In the winter, the warm air in a heated building is lighter (less dense) than the cold air outside the building; that warm bubble of air wants to rise up and out. The flow of air leaving the top of the building draws cold air into cracks at the bottom.

The reverse happens in summer when hot air outside of an air-conditioned house can push cooler indoor air down from the ceiling and out of cracks in the basement (see drawing). At least in theory, this can lead to moisture problems on the top floor.

To tackle the stack effect Home Environment Solutions removes all the old insulation and vacums up the dirt and dust.  Than we go around and airseal all the points that air can leak into or out of the attic.  This is just as important as the insulation.  And last we blow 17" of TrueSoft Cellulose insulation, giving the attic an R-60 value.

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