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Before and After Pictures from Steubenville
Steubenville OH Crawl Space Encapsulation

Steubenville OH Crawl Space Encapsulation

Before After
Steubenville OH Crawl Space Encapsulation Steubenville OH Crawl Space Encapsulation

Dave O. a Steubenville, Ohio townhouse owner was looking for a way to fix their uncomfortable floors caused by their vented crawlspace. The crawlspace was damp and cold and was causing mold to form on their floor joist and main supporting beam.

Certified Mold Inspector and Energy Specialist Mark O designed a solution to keep the crawlspace clean, dry and mold free.

Foreman Mike Y. and his team installed a CleanSpace crawlspace system in the crawlspace.  In this gallery you will find pictures before and after the installation along with details of each.

The owner is thrilled to have a dry mold free crawlspace that he knows he will not have to worry about and warm floors above. As an added bonus the crawlspace can now be used as storage!


Wintersville OH Attic Mold Remediation and Attic Insulation

Wintersville OH Attic Mold Remediation and Attic Insulation

Before After
Wintersville OH Attic Mold Remediation and Attic Insulation Wintersville OH Attic Mold Remediation and Attic Insulation

Owner Ken B. and his wife called us to inspect their home for mold.

Certified Comfort and Energy Specialist and Certified Mold Inspector and Remediator Mark O. did a full inspection of the home and discovered mold in the attic. In addition, the owners revealed that their home was very uncomfortable. Mark proposed a mold remediation protocol and designed several solutions to improve the comfort and energy efficiency of the home.

Our Certified Mold Remediation team first removed the mold from the attic sheathing that was caused by poor attic insulation.

Foreman Mike Y. and his team air sealed the attic and properly insulated with cellulose insulation to R60 for optimum results. The owners utilized the attic for storage, so a large storage deck was built using SilverGlo foam insulation and plywood.

The end result was a much more comfortable home without attic mold.


Wintersville, OH Soundproofing

Wintersville, OH Soundproofing

Before After
Wintersville, OH Soundproofing Wintersville, OH Soundproofing

Not only can we soundproof a basketball court in a home, we can soundproof the traffic and unwanted noises in your home 

Company Awards
Humanity Award
Rotary Serving Humanity Presented to Mark Orecchio 7530 All-Star July 2016... [Read more]
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Steubenville, OH Foam Insulation, Attic Mold Removal & Home Energy Audit Experts

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Home Energy Saving Services You Can Trust in Steubenville, OH 

Home Environment Solutions provides expert insulation, mold removal, and air sealing services to homeowners in Steubenville and the surrounding areas. We offer our customers only the highest quality insulation products and solutions to maximize your home's efficiency and keep your energy bills down. In addition to insulation, we service all your mold remediation and removal needs, and much more.

For over 20 years, Home Environment Solutions has been Steubenville’s home insulation, mold, and energy savings experts. We are fully certified and bring you the best service at a reasonable price. We strive to maintain the highest standards of professionalism and customer service and ensure that your home stays comfortable and dry all year round.

Steubenville, OH's Trusted Insulation Solutions Contractor 

When it comes to creating a more comfortable environment in your home, turn to the home insulation specialist at Home Environment Solutions for all your needs. With more than 20 years of experience, you can trust that we will do the job right the first time.  

We offer a wide variety of home insulation services based on the area of your home that is in need of improvement. We can insulate any and all parts of your home to ensure that your home's overall comfort increases while helping your energy bills go down.  At Home Environment Solutions we understand that there is no one size fits all solution when it comes to insulation, so because of this, we use many types of insulation. We use insulation products such as blown-in, cellulose, rigid foam, and much more. We insulate all areas of the home including the attic,  

Insulation Services We Offer in Steubenville, OH 

  • Attic Insulation 
  • Blown-In Insulation 
  • Cellulose Insulation 
  • Basement Insulation 
  • Rigid Foam Insulation
  • Air Duct Sealing 
  • and Much More!

Comprehensive Home Energy Audits

At Home Environment Solutions, we not only test and investigate your home's energy hogs, but we will discuss and prioritize the proper repairs. You'll know which ones will save you the most energy and why. This will also help direct you in making the best decision for you and your family. What separates us from other contractors in the industry is that we not only thoroughly investigate your home, but we will go over the results and better educate you as to why the issues we discovered should be addressed, as well as why we recommend the work we do. 

Contact us to start saving energy today!

Mold Removal & Remediation Contractor 

As Steubenville, OH's mold removal and remediation expert, we thoroughly test and inspect for any and all signs of mold in your home.  Mold is very harmful to not only your home but your health as well, so because of this, we make sure all mold issues are fixed and your home's air quality is perfect.  If you are experiencing any mold-related issues in your home, contact us today to get started with our proven mold remediation services.

Job Stories From Steubenville, OH
Wintersville, OH Ice Damming

Ron was experiencing ice damming on his Winterville, Ohio home.  Ice Damming is caused by heat loss melting the snow on the roof, causing the water to accumulate on the cold areas and refreeze damaging the building and the gutters.   He called Home Environment Solutions for help. 

The HES team arrived and air sealed the attic to stop the heat loss and added insulation to the attic.      

Steubenville OH

Das was having a problem with water leaking into his basement when it would rain heavily.   He called Home Environment Solutions to get help with a solution.   Russ came out and immediately saw the problem.  The gutter downspouts were causing the area around the foundation to become saturated.   

The HES team came out and installed a LawnScape Well and Rain Chute  to redirect the water away form the foundation and stop the water back up.   

Steubenville OH - Photo 1
Wintersville, OH Gutters

Nicole form Wintersville, OH saw the Gutter Shutter by Home Environment Solutions truck when she was at the Steubenville Mall. She called and explained that her gutters were clogged and pulling away from her home. The Gutter Shutter by Home Environment Solutions team showed up and removed Nicole's old gutters including the metal screen inserts that failed to keep out leaves and debris. The new Gutter Shutter system was installed with wide downspouts. Nicole's home looks great and the new gutters are working perfectly.  


Wintersville, OH Gutters - Photo 1
Steubenville OH Insulation / attic mold split level home

Debbie contacted us because her home was uncomfortable and her bills were getting too high for her family.  She wanted to know if there was a better way to insulate her home.   Her daughter had recently moved back into the home and she had complained about the home being too cold.  Debbie and her family have lived in the home for 20 plus years.  


Russell, our certified Home Comfort Specialist, came out to their home and performed a full inspection of the residence.  Upon inspecting the upper attic of the split level home, Russell found that the attic sheathing was covered in mold.  Russell also found that the bath room exhaust fan was vented directly into the attic which was adding to the moisture issue in the attic.  The inspection revealed that the attic had filthy fiberglass bat insulation which was loaded with mouse droppings.  Being a split level home, there are parts of the attic wall which is against conditioned space.  This area was uninsulated and causing the bedroom walls to be cold.   It was determined that the garage ceiling was not insulated properly and it was causing the upper bedrooms to be cold as well.  After speaking with the homeowners and completing his inspection, Russell provided the homeowner with a detailed proposal.  The proposal listed all things to meet the homeowners compaints of having a cold home and high bills.  The homeowner opted on having the mold remediated and the attics properly air sealing and insulated to an R-60.  The homeowner decided to wait on dense packing the garage ceiling.  She wanted to see if she received comfort from just air sealing and insulating the attics properly first.  If she wanted more comfort down the road, she would have the garage ceiling insulated.


The mold removal team arrived with their box truck fully equipped with specialized equipment to tacakle the job.  Dave and Dalton established containments in the home and set up HEPA air scrubbers and negative air machines so not to cross contaminate the rest of the home.  They removed the fiberglass insulation and performed the remediation of the mold.  The attic was now mold free and ready to be re-insulated.


The production team consisting of Zac, Cameron and Brandon arrived and described the daily job details to the homeowner.  Next they protected the home and work area to prevent any damage and to keep the home clean.  During the project the team found and repaired many areas of the attic that had significant air loss from the living area.  The team vented the bath exhaust fan out of the gable end of the home.  They air sealed and insulated the attic wall along the conditioned sapce.  The homeowner used her one attic for storage, so the team built her an insulated, air sealed storage deck.  


The homeowners noticed an immediate change to their comfort in their home.  Debbie and her husband were extremely satisfied with the work completed by the team at Home Environment Solutions.   

Steubenville OH Insulation / attic mold split level home - Photo 1Steubenville OH Insulation / attic mold split level home - Photo 2Steubenville OH Insulation / attic mold split level home - Photo 3Steubenville OH Insulation / attic mold split level home - Photo 4Steubenville OH Insulation / attic mold split level home - Photo 5Steubenville OH Insulation / attic mold split level home - Photo 6Steubenville OH Insulation / attic mold split level home - Photo 7
Steubenville - OH Insulation

Brian and his wife recently purchased a new multi-level home and the home inspector noted that the insulation was not sufficient.  They were referred to Home Environment Solutions by a friend who hired them and were very happy with the results.  Brian call the office to schedule an evaluation.

Mark came out to do a full inspection and to listen to what the home owners wanted to accomplish by insulating the home.  The home temperatures were uneven throughout and the air conditioning was running constantly.  They were worried about the cost to heat their home in the winter.  During the inspection, Mark found original fiberglass insulation as well as many areas where the home was leaking air from the living space directly into the attic.  Surprisingly a cold air return was found to be taking air directly from the attic into the living space.  Mark proposed a complete solution to air seal and insulate the attic. 

The production team consisting of Zach, Cameron and Jason arrived and described the daily job details to the home owners. Next they protected the home and work area to prevent any damage and keep the home clean.  During the project the team found and repaired many areas of the attic that had significant air loss from the living area. The home had many recessed lights throughout, so the team installed Tite Shell recessed can light covers on each to air seal and make it safe to insulate over them.  Due to the home being multi-level, the team installed SilverGlo insulation board on the attic walls with living space on the other side. Proper soffit attic ventilation was installed and TruSoft Cellulose insulation was blown in to R60.  We properly finished the job by air sealing and insulating the attic access points.

The home owners noticed comfort results immediately and were very happy with the end results.  They said, “!! In the short period of time since the project was completed, we already noticed the furnace turning on and running less!”  The biggest compliment given to Home Environment Solutions is referral of friends, family, and neighbors. Brian and his wife have referred multiple people who had similar problems in their home.

Work Requests From Steubenville, OH
Project Location: Steubenville, OH
Mice in the attic. Would like to get an estimate on removal of current insulation, cleanup, and installation of new insulation.
Project Location: Steubenville, OH
Looking into a home that has clear signs of mold and water damage. Would like to know what it would cost to properly have it removed.
Project Location: Steubenville, OH
Poor insulation and energy performance to most exterior walls of 1950s home
Project Location: Steubenville, OH
New insulation in attic and 2 or 3 spaces need closed up.
Project Location: Steubenville, OH
Want to see how much to get my attic insulated
Project Location: Steubenville, OH
There is a a decent amount of mold in the basement. We are looking for it to be removed. There was water damage down there before. Thanks!
Project Location: Steubenville, OH
Insulation in garage is falling down
Project Location: Steubenville, OH
Increase Insulation to Winterize my home
Project Location: Steubenville, OH
Multiple things need to be addressed but first and foremost attic insulation.
Project Location: Steubenville, OH
Insulate attic
Project Location: Steubenville, OH
I am interested in an energy audit. The energy usage on my electric bill is all over the place.
Project Location: Steubenville, OH
We'd like to reduce our energy bills, especially fluctuations in Winter. Looking for professional advice on what will make the biggest differences.
Project Location: Steubenville, OH
Looking to get insulation in attic and sunroom Floor.
Project Location: Steubenville, OH
Mold on basement beams
Project Location: Steubenville, OH
I buying a a house it's got a crawl space needs insulated and I have moisture in living room wall located from inspection and I need someone to come check it all out for me.
Project Location: Steubenville, OH
Looking for an estimate on mold removal in a house we are looking to purchase. The downstairs wall pannel has mold and the carpet was wet. We had a mold inspection and it only came back positive for the pannel not the air
Project Location: Steubenville, OH
We need extra insulation in our attic
Project Location: Steubenville, OH
Basement is too cold as well as the upsatairs. Trying to reduce the drafts in the home.
Project Location: Steubenville, OH
Just bought the house and inspector said my insulation was the wrong kind and was really low
Project Location: Steubenville, OH
Flying squirrels are all my insulation in attic. would like a price on blown insulation.

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