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Before and After Pictures from Pittsburgh
Replacing Dirty Attic Insulation In Pittsburgh, PA

Replacing Dirty Attic Insulation In Pittsburgh, PA

Before After
Replacing Dirty Attic Insulation In Pittsburgh, PA Replacing Dirty Attic Insulation In Pittsburgh, PA

This Pittsburgh, PA home owner had a dust problem in her home along with cold rooms and high energy bills. Insufficient insulation allows dust to seep into your home from many different places. Home Environment Solutions removed all of this home owners old dirty insulation and air sealed all there air penetration points.  Air sealing is as important as the insulation itself.  This is what separates Home Environment Solutions from its competitors. Are competitors blow on top of old insulation.  After the air sealing was completed we blew 17" of Tru-Soft Cellulose insulation into this home owners attic.  

No more dust problems, no more cold rooms, and no more high energy bills.  Home Environment Solutions Creating Healthy, Comfortable, Efficient Homes! 

Crawl Space Encapsulation in Pittsburgh, PA

Crawl Space Encapsulation in Pittsburgh, PA

Before After
Crawl Space Encapsulation in Pittsburgh, PA Crawl Space Encapsulation in Pittsburgh, PA

This Pittsburgh, PA customer was experiencing cold and drafty rooms directly above his crawl space.  His fiberglass bats had soaked up moisture and were failing to adequately insulate his home. Our production team closed this customers crawlspace vents, insulated, and encapsulated using our SilverGlo insulation board and CleanSpace liner.  

Air Sealing and Cellulose Dense Packing a cellar ceiling in Pittsburgh, PA

Air Sealing and Cellulose Dense Packing a cellar ceiling in Pittsburgh, PA

Before After
Air Sealing and Cellulose Dense Packing a cellar ceiling in Pittsburgh, PA Air Sealing and Cellulose Dense Packing a cellar ceiling in Pittsburgh, PA

This Pittsburgh, PA customer was experiencing a cold floor and musty odors in the room directly above his cellar. Our production team used sheets of particle board, spray foam insulation, and dense packing of cellulose insulation to fix this problem. 

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Home Insulation & Mold Removal Company Pittsburgh, PA

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Reviews From Pittsburgh
Testimonials From Pittsburgh
We continue to be amazed in South Park PA!
Testimonial by Nolan D. from South Park, PA
Zach, Brandon, and Cam were exceptional! I am beyond pleased with the work they did for me, their knowledge and professionalism, and especially their kindness...
Testimonial by Jennifer T. from Pittsburgh, PA
We are very happy with it and have noticed a significant decrease in humidity and earthy smells in the house.
Testimonial by Dave S. from Pittsburgh, PA

Home Energy Saving Services You Can Trust in Pittsburgh, PA 

Home Environment Solutions provides expert insulation, mold removal, and air sealing services to homeowners in Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas. We offer our customers only the highest quality insulation products and solutions to maximize the efficiency of your home and keep your energy bills down. In addition to insulation, we service all your mold remediation and removal needs, and much more.

For over 20 years, Home Environment Solutions has been Pittsburgh’s home insulation, mold, and energy savings experts. We are fully certified and bring you the best service at a reasonable price. We strive to maintain the highest standards of professionalism and customer service and ensure that your home stays comfortable and dry all year round.

Pittsburgh, PA's Trusted Insulation Solutions Contractor 

When it comes to creating a more comfortable environment in your home, turn to the home insulation specialist at Home Environment Solutions for all your needs. With more than 20 years of experience, you can trust that we will do the job right the first time.  

We offer a wide variety of home insulation services based on the area of your home that is in need of improvement. We can insulate any and all parts of your home to ensure that your home's overall comfort increases while helping your energy bills go down.  At Home Environment Solutions we understand that there is no one size fits all solution when it comes to insulation, so because of this, we use many types of insulation. We use such insulation products such as blown in, cellulose, rigid foam, and much more. We insulate all areas of the home including the attic,  

Insulation Services We Offer in Pittsburgh, PA 

  • Attic Insulation 
  • Blown In Insulation 
  • Cellulose Insulation 
  • Basement Insulation 
  • Rigid Foam Insulation
  • Air Duct Sealing 
  • and Much More!

Comprehensive Home Energy Audits

At Home Environment Solutions, we not only test and investigate your home's energy hogs, but we will discuss and prioritize the proper repairs. You'll know which ones will save you the most energy and why. This will also help direct you in making the best decision for you and your family. What separates us from other contractors in the industry is that we not only thoroughly investigate your home, but we will go over the results and better educate you as to why the issues we discovered should be addressed, as well as why we recommend the work we do. 

Contact us to start saving energy today!

Mold Removal & Remediation Contractor 

As Pittsburgh, PA's mold removal and remediation expert, we thoroughly test and inspect for any and all signs of mold in your home.  Mold is very harmful to not only your home, but your health as well, so because of this, we make sure all mold issues are fixed and your home's air quality is perfect.  If you are experiencing any mold related issues in your home, contact us today to get started with our proven mold remediation services.

Job Stories From Pittsburgh, PA
Cape Cod attic Pittsburgh Pa

David had a home energy audit performed by CCI, Pittsburgh Pa.  CCI provided David with a detailed report for the inspection of his home.  CCI also recommended Home Environment Solutions to David to complete the work.  


Russell, our Home Comfort Specialist, met with David and went over the CCi report and also completed his own home evaluation.  Russell met David's needs for home comfort and energy efficiency. Russell agreed with most of CCI's recommendations and provided David with a proposal.


The production crew of Zack, Cameron and Brandon arrived at the home and set up tarps to protect the home.  The crew air sealed and insulated the knee wall spaces, dense packed the cathedral ceiling and air sealed and insulated the top of the home.  The crew also spray foamed the rim joist in the basement. The crew also attached weather stripping along the exterior doors of the home as requested by David.


The crew did a wonderful job at David’s home and met his needs as assessed by CCI and Russell.  A great job!


Cape Cod attic Pittsburgh Pa - Photo 1Cape Cod attic Pittsburgh Pa - Photo 2Cape Cod attic Pittsburgh Pa - Photo 3
Traditional attic Pittsburgh, Pa

Patrick and Cathy had recently moved to the Pittsburgh area about 1 year ago.  They had noticed a temperature difference as they walked up their steps to the second floor. They said the temperature difference was 6-8 degree difference.  They were not happy with this difference and wanted to find out if this could be fixed.  Upon reading our reviews, Patrick decided to contact Home Environment Solutions.


Russell, our Home Comfort Specialist, met with Patrick and Cathy at their home.  Russell asked several questions (to determine what they wanted to accomplish) and did a walk through of the home.  Russell did a more indepth inspection using a thermal camera and entered the attic to evaluate the existing insulation.  The inspection revealed that the attic had some blown in fiberglass and some fiberglass bats.  Russell also found that the attic floor was not air sealed which was allowing heat to entered into the attic.  When heat enters the attic and hits a cold roof, it causes condensation and on a really cold day, frost will form on the tips of the nails.  The evidence of this happening is the drip marks (water marks) on the insulation and the plywood decking.  Following Russell's inspection, he prepared a formal proposal presented it to Patrick and Cathy.  They decided to move forward immediately.


The production crew (Cameron, Zack and Derek) arrived at their home and began tarping the area to protect the customer's home.  The crew removed the fiberglass insulation with a truck mounted vacuum.  Any fiberglass bats were bagged up in the attic and removed from the property.  They also air sealed the attic floor and built an insulated storage deck.  The crew re-insulated the attic with TruSoft Cellulose R-60 (17").  


Patrick and Cathy were extremely satisfied with the crew and the work completed at their home.

Traditional attic Pittsburgh, Pa - Photo 1Traditional attic Pittsburgh, Pa - Photo 2Traditional attic Pittsburgh, Pa - Photo 3Traditional attic Pittsburgh, Pa - Photo 4Traditional attic Pittsburgh, Pa - Photo 5Traditional attic Pittsburgh, Pa - Photo 6Traditional attic Pittsburgh, Pa - Photo 7
Cold Kitchen Floors and Uneven Temperatures in Pittsburgh PA

Justin found us at the Pittsburgh Home and Garden Show and couldnt wait to talk to us. He had a few issues that he brought to our attention; cold floors in his kitchen (above the crawlspace) and a broken pipe in the crawlspace which had a dirt floor.  His colonial home was built in 1935 and he said he had a hard time heating and cooling the upstairs area and his furnace and air conditioner ran non stop.

Russ, the Home Environment Solutions representative went to Justin's home to evaluate the situation  He explained to the homeowner the reason for the uneven temperatures in his home was because he had an R19 value of fiberglass in his attic and there were gaps in the floor causing the air to leak out.  Justin decided to schedule our production team, Zach, Cameron, and JJ to come out and resolve all of his issues. 

The team started with the attic and removed all of the old fiberglass and air sealed all penetrations in the attic floor.  They insulated with TruSoft blown in cellulose to an average of R60, installed a dam around the scuttle hole and and insulated using SilverGlo, weather stripping and OSB.  To finalize the attic, we installed a TruSoft baffle system which meets EnergyStar requirements.  Zach, Cam and JJ then started workin on the crawlspace and air sealed and insulate the rim joist with spray foam.  The encapsulated the dirt floor with CleanSpace and attached it to the SilverGlo insulation board that was installed on all of the exterior walls.

The homeowner was excited about the difference he noticed in his home in a matter of 24 hours.  He said for the first time since living there, he and his wife were able to walk across the kitchen floor without socks or slippers.  He was also impressed that he no longer had a drastic change in temperature from his downstairs to upstairs.  It was the same throughout.

Musty Smell Coming From a Dirty Crawl Space In Pittsburgh, PA

This Squirrel Hill home had a crawl space beneath the main living area. Crawl spaces are areas of limited height under the floor that allow access to plumbing and electric. Outdated building codes still permit crawl spaces to be vented and dirt floored. We know from science and experience that vented, dirt floored crawl spaces can pose many hazards, including structural and health.

Without a vapor barrier in crawl spaces, moisture seeps from the earth and it cools, condenses, and condensates. This is the recipe for mold and rot which can lead to expensive structural damage. The same moisture is also wicked up by fiberglass bat insulation that is commonly used in crawl spaces. When these bats soak up moisture, the force of gravity causes them to sag and fall, failing to insulate your home adequately. Faulty insulation means cold drafty rooms and high energy bills. Mold growth can also cause unpleasant odors in your home and poses a serious health risk.

HES removed debris from this home owner’s crawlspace and installed a vapor barrier using CleanSpace lining. This barrier prevents any ground moisture from entering the crawl space. After installing the liner the vents to the crawlspace were closed to keep the cold outside air from getting in. Next we insulated the walls of the crawl space using SilverGlo Wall Insulation. With the vents closed and the walls insulated, the crawl space is now conditioned area, where before it was hot and cold depending on the weather outside.

This Encapsulated System will improve this home owner’s quality of life. No more damp, cold and drafty rooms. No more musty odors and mold contamination. No more creepy crawly critters under your floor, just clean conditioned space. This system adds value to your home, can improve the life of your HVAC system, provide additional home environment comfort, and of course, provide a clean storage space.

Musty Smell Coming From a Dirty Crawl Space In Pittsburgh, PA - Photo 1Musty Smell Coming From a Dirty Crawl Space In Pittsburgh, PA - Photo 2Musty Smell Coming From a Dirty Crawl Space In Pittsburgh, PA - Photo 3Musty Smell Coming From a Dirty Crawl Space In Pittsburgh, PA - Photo 4Musty Smell Coming From a Dirty Crawl Space In Pittsburgh, PA - Photo 5Musty Smell Coming From a Dirty Crawl Space In Pittsburgh, PA - Photo 6Musty Smell Coming From a Dirty Crawl Space In Pittsburgh, PA - Photo 7Musty Smell Coming From a Dirty Crawl Space In Pittsburgh, PA - Photo 8Musty Smell Coming From a Dirty Crawl Space In Pittsburgh, PA - Photo 9Musty Smell Coming From a Dirty Crawl Space In Pittsburgh, PA - Photo 10
Birds In a Pittsburgh, PA Attic

People and animals share the same space but sometimes, birds take that space sharing to mean they can shelter inside your attic. This Pittsburgh home owner had just that, birds in her attic.  Birds in your attic can pose health problems from diseases carried by the bird or its droppings. Bird nesting can block attic ventilation and cause ice damming.  

Birds In a Pittsburgh, PA Attic - Photo 1Birds In a Pittsburgh, PA Attic - Photo 2Birds In a Pittsburgh, PA Attic - Photo 3Birds In a Pittsburgh, PA Attic - Photo 4
Work Requests From Pittsburgh, PA
Vicinity of Outlook Dr in Pittsburgh
I need to have the walls of our bedroom insulated.
Vicinity of Kenilworth Drive in Pittsburgh
Need to beef up attic insulation.
Vicinity of Mccandless Avenue in Pittsburgh
I have an attic that I have been working on. Part is a loft that is insulated with fiberglass and cellulose. Part is a cathedral ceiling that needs to be reinsulated. I would like to use dense-pack cellulose blown behind netting or a membrane. Is that something you do?
Vicinity of Charlotte Drive in Pittsburgh
Need 3 bedrooms insulated
Vicinity of Pinetree Drive in Pittsburgh
We had a few mice in the attic, and we want to remove and replace the blown insulation that was in there. Is this something you could help with? We're interested in a quote. 924 square feet.
Vicinity of Blossom Road in Pittsburgh
Mold in basement and garage. Just bought house but previous owner denied mold issues
Vicinity of CLAIR DRIVE in Pittsburgh
Mold in basement
Vicinity of Florida Avenue in Pittsburgh
We have a 3 story 1700sq ft home with unfinished basement, boiler heat, located in Mt lebanon PA. Do you service our area? How much is your fee for an energy audit and what does it include? Best way to contact is email. Thanks, Lucas
Vicinity of Bonvue St in Pittsburgh
Heat loss
Vicinity of Stotler RD in Pittsburgh
Would like to have basement insulated
Vicinity of Pinecrest Dr in Pittsburgh
Keeping the house cooler in summer
Vicinity of Morrison Drive in Pittsburgh
I'd like to get an estimate to insulate my attic and separately to insulate my basement floor/ceiling assembly.
Vicinity of in Pittsburgh
I manage an apartment building and we have some major noise issues. We are looking on ways to improve the sound problems in the building. There are several causes. Please contact me so I can get a quote Thank you Kristin
Vicinity of Pleasantvue Cir in Pittsburgh
We need new insulation in our attic possibly? And new plywood/subfloor in attic for storage
Vicinity of Maxwell Dr in Pittsburgh
Insulation of 2nd Floor overhang
Vicinity of New Haven Ave in Pittsburgh
My home is cold.
Vicinity of McLean Pl in Pittsburgh
I had a water damage that required us to take out the mineral wool (yellow) insulation in our crawl space. I'd like this to be fixed. This is about a 30m crown of 30 cm at the top of the concrete basement/crawl space wall, right under the ceiling. The house is a 7 year old town house in the Summerset at Frick development, built by Montgomery & Rust.
Vicinity of Ward St in Pittsburgh
We would like to get a free quote of our condo air sealing. Thank you
Vicinity of Collins Rd in Pittsburgh
One ot the rooms is extremely cold in the winter and can not be heated efficiently. We are looking for a way to add insulstion.
Vicinity of Theona St in Pittsburgh
Whole home insulation and ductwork
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